I can’t go, I won’t be back home until Sunday and mom is taking me back to the dorms after that :( sad face

Oh you didn’t come home this weekend? Oh and what is that indie rp you have with 1D?

it’s not an indie rp it’s a one on one rp, I really only rp with one person. I have a Liam fc though that I can get out later. I came to raya’s house for the weekend instead of going home bc mom is out and about so I would’ve been bored at home.


Oh this is really really really bad, I want to go see This Is Us again, but my bestie won’t answer me and I have no idea how to get in touch with her seeing has her phone is dead…. ahhh.

I can’t go, I won’t be back home until Sunday and mom is taking me back to the dorms after that :( sad face

Tell my muse something that you know they don’t want to hear; true or not, try and confuse them and break them.


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Send a text to my muse on accident, whether it was a wrong number, wrong contact, or just supposed to be deleted.

changed male!charchar to a certain beautiful man by the name of paul wesley

talk to him


him and average charchar have a lot of feels because their little girl’s birthday passed a few days ago and they just need some huggles [She died in a car accident with Charlie’s best mate a few years ago]


Try to dare my character to do something you think they’ll refuse. If they do, they have to truthfully answer a question of your choosing.







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 Zachary wasn't the type who liked to stay at the center of the attention. We he could, he tried to stay in a soft spot away from the eyes of paparazzi and viceversa. In the end, he was too good. Smiling to his fans and signing autographs. It was a sort of routine. He liked, above all, taking pics with them and even taking selfies to send on Instagram. A way to say: “ It's me, you know. I'm alive! ” Abruptly, a bunch a people arrived all together and he wondered if it was the right time to rush into that lonely spot. Not today.


Charlie wasn’t sure how she’d gotten here. She’d wandered a little too far on shore leave, and now she was completely and utterly lost. She had just been trying to clear her head and get some air; Steffy’s birthday was a couple days ago and it was just too hard for her to deal with another day of mourning. As her mother, she wished nothing more then for her little girl to be here to celebrate. 

She had taken a wrong turn and was now being pushed and pulled in this crowd she couldn’t get away from. She would’ve panicked if she hadn’t seen her commander. “Sp-” she started before realizing his ears and eyebrows, and his haircut. This wasn’t her commander, but some kind of human copy. “How the hell-“

Closed(ish) RP


"Erm…Hello….anyone? I’m sort of new here…and I think I’m lost." She tugged at the end of her brand new Security red dress. "Hello?"


"New to the enterprise? Oh what fun," Charlie teased. "M’names Charlotte McCoy, but you can call me Charlie."